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Nationwide Community Energy Ireland CLG (NCEI) is the representative organisation for 100% community owned energy generation projects in Ireland.

REScoop Europe

We are a member of REScoop Europe!

The need for climate action has never been greater. The next few years will be crucial if we are to safeguard our future. This relates to the climate crisis just as much as to our democracy. We need to make radical changes in the way we use and produce energy. Citizens will be critical in achieving that transition, and cooperatives are the best way we know to mobilise them.

Our mission is to support citizens, cooperatives and cities in driving a citizen-led energy transition.
The more we are, the stronger our voice will be, so thank you very much for joining NCEI and and for helping us grow the community!

EU representation and our advocacy work represents the interest of citizens and energy cooperatives in Brussels. We participate in the EU debates around the energy transition and related sectors, and make sure the perspective of citizens and cooperatives is heard and included in new policies and policy updates.

REScoop represent our members in the Community Power Coalition, a diverse network of like-minded organisations who share a common goal of promoting the development of citizen and community ownership in the urgent transformation of our energy system.

NCEI are proud to be members of – Check out this video

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