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Q1. Do you subscribe to our Vision and our Values?*

Our Vision: We want Ireland to run on clean renewable power, developed for people, by people. We will work to build renewable generation within Irish communities from micro to farm scale. Community Power will facilitate citizens and communities to participate in the electricity market and facilitate communities and citizens to buy and sell community owned renewable energy through the electricity supplier, Community Power.

Our Values: · Local benefit and building community resilience · Clean Energy · Promotion of Community owned renewable energy generation projects · Co-operative and democratic decision making · Fair prices*

Q2. Briefly describe your community?* Where are you located, successful projects completed to date (if any), projects currently ongoing (if any?)*

Q3. What projects are you planning?* Are you planning a renewable generation project? Please give a brief description, including preferred technology & size of project. Any other projects planned?*

Q4. Are you willing to sign up at least 10 customers to Community Power?

Your Community Details

Sign Up Fee*

Price: € 50.00

Agree to T&C's*

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