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What can your Community Group  expect on Registering as a member of Community Energy Ireland Group:

  • Community Energy Ireland will provide advice and guidance on legal structures for communities, land leases (including Lease Option), planning (including all studies & impact assessments), grid connections, RESS auctions, and finance for project, construction and operation.
    Community Energy Ireland is also a vehicle for all individual community groups to make representations whereby we can influence policy, promote the Community ethos, attempt to ensure commercial viability for Community Projects, and with the common purpose of building community owned renewable electricity generation projects and supplying electricity locally through Community Energy Ireland.

  • You are expected to pay the Annual Subscription and expand the Community Energy Ireland customer base.

The first steps for each Community would include, identifying a suitable site (preferable adjacent to an ESB Power-station), land lease/lease option, RESS (see below for further details) Auction application and acquiring Planning Permission.


Community Energy Ireland will also provide advice for successful projects (i.e. having secured Lease, Grid Connection and Planning) in the next phase which includes; Secure Finance/Investment Options, Tendering and Construction stage, Commissioning and operation of the facility.

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